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Disable Churchope build-in events system
  • Is it possible to disable the built-in events system in the Churchope theme? It is lacking certain features, such as Facebook integration and ticket purchasing. So we would want to use a third-party events plugin instead.

    The rest of Churchope's features look excellent, so we are keen to purchase. But want to check: would using a different events plugin cause a conflict?

    Your swift reply would be much appreciated.
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    Hello, Guest David !

    We didn't test any of these plug-ins. You can also hire the developer that will do such customization to fit your needs.

    Also we are currently working on a complicated events system plugin but it will be available as a separate product. Making a proper event system requires no less effort than creating a theme.

    Best Regards!
  • Hi Stan,

    Thanks for your reply, but I am afraid it doesn't directly answer my question, so let me ask it again more clearly:

    Is it possible to disable the events system of your theme?


  • I have installed the Modern Tribe Events plugin. Is it now possible to disable the built-in events module in the Churchope theme?

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