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Mobile view: Left Sidebar shows first?
  • Hi, when I access webpage using smartphone, I see left sidebar goes first and page content goes below the sidebar which makes no sense from visitors' point of view. This is also bad for SEO. Can you please advise, is it possible to adjust settings so webpage content shows first and left sidebar goes below the content?

    It is working fine on pages with right sidebar (content first, sidebar second).

    Thank you.
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  • If you open website in SEO text browser you can see that sidebar goes first. From SEO point of view content should goes first (after main menu).
  • Support
    Hello, Tim!

    We will investigate this issue. Thanks for notice.

    Best Regards!
  • Thanks Stan. This can be easily fixed in CSS and that will make your theme even more user and SEO friendly. Actually, this is the only thing that prevents me from buying your theme right now because I need to use leftside column extensively.
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