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Is it possible to remove the revolutionslider from Churchope?
  • Hello there, after many many design sights i think your design is the only one thats satiesfie als my wishes, because is it possible to disable the revolution slider?
    I use the Layer slider WP because i think it is betterer, it's a subjectice opinion ;)
    But i want less menu points in my admin control panel when i don't use the revo.slider.

    Regards from Germany :)
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  • Support
    Hello, Xenics!

    The theme comes with two sliders: jCycle and Revolution which you may use to your choice. Also you may use some other plug-ins but probably it may require customization to make the slider work properly in the theme.

    Best Regards!
  • Hello, fast response, thanks :)
    I think it works with shortcodes like [slider.....], but the only thing i don't know is it possible to disable the integrated slider in the menu or under the plugins menu to disable their in the "create post/page" and ACP section?
  • Support
    Sure, you may disable these sliders in in a dashboard globally or directly for the current post/page.

    Best Regards!

  • perfect, i hope u can teach me under your support forum, want to buy it now :)
    Perfect Design and Support.
    Keep it up and i would buy more ;)

    Best Regards form Germany :)
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