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Integration with Events Manager
  • Dear,

    I was wondering whether integrate the events date with the ''Events Manager'' plugin.
    I need a website in which the visitors can apply for an event. This has to be done via a log in.

    Can I use your template and integrate it with this plugin?

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  • Support
    Hello, Hupkes!

    We haven't tested this plug-in with our theme. Probably it should be customized to to work properly with the theme.

    Best Regards!
  • Could you please be more specific on what you mean by the customization of the theme?
  • Support
    Our theme (and any other custom theme) isn't compatible with all third-party plug-ins by default. You often (not always) need to customize the plug-in to make it work properly with the theme. It's impossible for theme author to make it compatible with all existing plug-ins. Only default wordpress themes are compatible with all third-party plug-ins, because all of them are designed to work with default Wordpress themes

    Best Regards!
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