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Sermon Manager
  • I really like this theme, Churchope, for my church but because it does not have a system for managing sermons. I've been holding my purchase because I saw a few months ago you promised an update with sermons management system.

    should wait a little more?
    or should I buy a plugin for handling sermons like "seriesengine?

    Please Let Us Know,
    Thank in advanced
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  • Support
    Hello, Manfredo!

    Unfortunately we haven't released the update with sermons yet but we are almost finished and it will be available soon.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Best Regards!
  • Support - I am looking to purchase this team for our church. Any update on the Sermon Manager ? This will a key feature, so I need to know before making the purchase. Please advise on status/plans.
  • Support
    We are still working on the update.

    Best Regards!
  • Any news on the update with sermons management system?
  • Support
    The new update will be available ASAP.
  • Any update on the sermon manager? I'm building a new site and was considering this theme. Looks like this has been "coming soon" for 4 months. Not having the sermon section means we wont be able to use this theme.
  • Support
    We are still working on the update.

    Anyway you can easily organize the sermons using a blog or a gallery feature built-in in the theme.
  • HI stan, is it worth adding a 100 sermons to a blog or gallery, or should I wait for the update?
  • Support
    We suggest to use the blog or gallery features for the time being.
  • Just following this thread. I like the template but I need a sermon manager for those that follow our sermons. Do you have an estimated time for release on this?
  • Support
    Unfortunately we don't have an estimated time for the update but we put our best to release it ASAP.
  • We own the Church Hope them and have been on it since January 2014. A recent update brought in a new feature known as "Sermons". Since we had already started using the actual "SERMON MANAGER" plugin from the folks at early on we now have a problem with the latest theme update: 2.1.
    It is believed that the css is somehow broken and the css styling of our audio sermons is not as it should be. Have a look at the extent of the player on the series page as well as the individual sermon page. It used to only be as wide as the page, not at 100% the width of the whole window. Not to mention the individual sermon page also seems to break the rest of the css for the page showing every menu item and possible link to pages, categories, and archives.
    Stan, please feel free to let me know what to do.
  • Support
    Hello RichLee,

    You need to uncheck Enable template files found in the /views folder under the Sermons -> Settings.

    For further assistance please, register and post your issues in a theme category:
  • Thanks Stan, this appears to have helped me with the css/layout issues. I'm having other issues but I can't register with your forum. We have a "situation" regarding the individual who purchased our theme. Are you able to assist me in registering?
  • Support
    You need to ask your client to register an account for you or ask for purchase code to do this on your own.

    This is a presale questions category only and unfortunately we cannot provide extensive help here.

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