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Jcycle not sizing correctly on mobile device
  • I have been testing the Churchope theme on the "testdrive" and really like what I am finding. But I am having trouble with the Jcycle slideshow not resizing properly when viewed on a mobile device. Basically, the bottom portion of the slide is getting cut off. You can see this at when viewing on a mobile device.

    Can any tell me why this is happening? I have been adjusting the Slideshow fixed height, but there does not seem to be any effect on the height of the slideshow, whether viewed on the computer or mobile device.

    I really want to purchase this theme, but I want to make sure I can get it to work.


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  • I also have noticed that at this point in time, none of the changes I have made in "Slideshow Settings" seem to effect the test drive website. When I first started testing, the slideshow resized for each slide content. I made a change to a fixed height, which worked. But know, even when I try to reset the "Slideshow Setting", there is not effect.

  • I realized what my issue was, which usually happens right after I ask for help. :(

    I had set the "Slideshow" height on the home page, which took precedence over the global setting under "Slideshow Settings".

    Once I adjusted the home page "Slideshow" height it worked fine. It also works fine with the "Slideshow" height blank on the home page setting. I prefer to have a fixed height so the page isn't resizing with each slide, so I will work toward consistency in my slides.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this question might have caused.

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    Hello, Rich!

    Yes, you can apply the changes globally under the Theme Options and on every page/post directly.

    If you encounter some troubles with a setup, you can always check our FAQ and Documentation sections.

    Best Regards!

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