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Global Slideshow Display On A Post
  • On the "testdrive", the "Hello World" post page, in the area where the slideshow goes, a single slide showing "News" as the topic and some random text. I can't figure out where this display is coming from.

    I don't think it is actually a slideshow. The post slideshow setting is set to "Use Global". I can replace this with jCycle, and the jCycle slideshow is displayed in the same area.

    Can anyone help identify where this "News" is coming from?


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  • Support
    Hello, Rich!

    You are talking about the title area and the text on the right is an Additional Title Text (#5) So this text can be easily removed/replaced with another one while adjusting a News page.

    Best Regards!
  • I see how I can change the text on the right, but how do I update the word "News" on the left?


    How to I remove the display of this area so the body of the page is higher on the page?

  • Support
    "News" is a title of a page that is specified as a posts page (blog) under the Settings -> Reading

  • I guess I don't understand the relationship between the "News" page and the "Hello World" post, which is the post that I am viewing when seeing the "News" title. What is linking the "Hello World" post so it so under the "News" page title when viewing the "Hello World" post?

    I apologize if this is a Wordpress function. I have never work with this functionality before on the other Wordpress sites I have built.


  • I did some further research and now realize what piece of knowledge I was missing. It was really a matter of looking at the "News" page and realizing that since the "News" page is set as the "Posts Page", all of the actual "Posts" show up under the "News" page. I had been looking at the"Hello World" post by going to the "Hello World" post directly from the admin page. This mislead me into thinking the wrong thing.

    You can consider this question resolved!

    Thank you for your prompt and kind responses.

    I will be making my purchase later today.


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