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Calendar shuffle
  • When you hover over the saturday box, the following sunday jumps over to the saturday column and the rest of the dates jump down a line and shift to the left.

    Calendar page>

    Is this a only bug on this preview site or does this always happen?
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  • Support
    Hello, Guest Jeff!

    Could you clarify under what conditions does it happen: Do you use a pc or mobile device? What OS and browser do you use?

    Best Regards!
  • I was viewing the site on a mac, OS 10.6.8 using Chrome (version 23.0.1271.101). I don't think it is still a problem. I just figured out that it only happens if the upper frame from Themeforest is still active. Once you remove the "Purchase This Item" frame, the issue goes away. I should have known better. That frame causes all sorts of issues when previewing themes.

    Great theme!

  • Just bought the theme!

    Unfortunately, the shuffle is back in Chrome Version 23.0.1271.101. Doesn't happen in Firefox.
  • Support
    Hello, jseutz!

    Create the topic with your issue in a certain category. This one is only for presale questions.

    Best Regards!

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