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language switcher and social integration
  • Hi
    I am considering to buy your theme, which looks great.
    Please let me know as follows question:
    Can I easy add language switcher and booking button into header?
    I am considering that it could be all time on the top
    Can I add social media share button into page and post?

    I see that theme works slowly
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  • Support
    Hello, Krzysztof!

    1. The theme is compatible with a WPML plug-in that will help you to make a multilingual website. As far as we know it comes with a language switcher, so there shouldn't be any problems to add it.

    2. There is an editable header section where you can place the necessary button or a text.

    3. Yes, we have integrated share button shortcodes that can be easily placed in to a content area or a widget.

    4. Can you clarify the browser you are using as the preview loads in a few seconds on our end.

    Best Regards!

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