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Webfonts in Header
  • How difficult is it to compose a Churchope header out of web fonts, instead of just a graphic file? I want to bring a header like this into Churchope:

    First English Lutheran Church

    Thanks and regards,
    Todd Wheeler
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  • Support
    Hello, Todd!

    It depends on your knowledge in HTMl/CSS. Actually it's not a difficult task and we can guide you with the section that should be modified to achieve this.

    Best Regards!
  • Hi Stan,
    Thank you for the response! My Church purchased Churchope, however, I didn't want to ask for access to their WordPress file structure without knowing if it would be too difficult to insert a web font header. I know HTML pretty well, CSS a little less so, and PHP not so much.

    First English Lutheran Church website

    I suspect that I will need to at least add to style.css, or create a custom.css file to add the CSS for my web fonts. I can follow instructions and make little leaps where needed. If you have a link to a forum thread, or a link of any sort, then I think that will truly help me.

    Thank you very much for the response, and for your kind words,
  • Support
    You will need a purchase code to register on our help forum in order to check/create the topics in a theme category.
  • Hi Stan,
    Thank you for responding to my questions. I do have my Church's registration number, but upon entering it, an "Error: Purchase code is not valid or already in use" is displayed when I click on Register. The project leader may have registered for forum support. I am trying to assist in modifying the site so that it looks best with their own information.

    I can send you the purchase code via a direct email, if the forums will support more than one active user per purchase code.

    Thank you
  • Support
    I'm afraid you should ask your project manager for a forum credentials in order to get access to it. The forum supports only one active user per a purchase code.

    Besides the theme comes with a documentation that helps you to organize it and also the online FAQ section:

    Happy New Year!

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