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update coming anytime soon?
  • I'm interested in your ChurcHope theme for a project I am starting, but I noticed in the Themeforest comment section there are several people experiencing issues after updating to the latest version of Wordpress. I also noticed that you haven't responded to any of those comments. I am wondering if you are still supporting the ChurcHope theme, and if so when do you plan to release an update to fix these issues? Thank you for your response.
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    Hello, Laura!

    Yes, we still provide support for the Churchope and other our themes. We had New Year holidays, so sorry for the delay in responses. All questions will be answered in a few days.

    As for the issues with the latest WP version, in most cases there were conflicts with some third party plug-ins. We have tested the theme and didn't encounter any problems, besides a lot of our customers have confirmed this.

    Thanks for interesting in our theme :)

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