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Licence and advice about plug in
  • I'm going to buy the Milano theme because it is almost perfect for my need, I just have 3 issues to solve before purchaising
    1 About the licence that can only be used on one site: I want to create only one site, but since I'm doing it for a client I plan to create it on my own domain first to let the clients' od one run while I'm testing and working on the new, and then copy the whole to the domain of the client when it's ready. Is this possible with one single license?
    2 Can you suggest me a third party plug-in that provides buying and payment gateway than could work fine on Milano theme?
    3 wpml plug in is already installed or I have to buy it separatly?

    thanx for your answers!
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    Hello, Patrizia!

    1. Yes, it's possible using the regular license.
    2. You can search for such plug-ins on the official WordPress website:
    3. You have to buy it separately and then install and activate it with the theme.

    Best Regards!

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