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ChurcHope---Featured Header Image vs. Random Header Image & Update Q's
  • Hi,

    I'm interested in purchasing ChurcHope but had a few things I wanted to clarify, as I've had trouble with different terminologies between various developers.

    -Does this theme support a static featured header image for each page?

    -Does this theme support random header images, so that it will alternate between images as you click from page to page?

    -Does this theme support a slider only on the homepage? (I would assume so).

    Also, I really like this theme, but I'm concerned about the lack of updates since 07/13. You have posted many, many times in this forum throughout the last several months that a new update would be coming soon, but that has not been the case. I'm very interested in the possibility of a sermon feature, but am concerned that this theme will remain un-updated for quite some more time.

    Can you give me some direction here? Thanks!
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    Hello, Bethany!

    - Yes, you can check the examples here:

    - Yes, you can easily apply different images, patterns, colors for each page/post.

    - The slider can be applied to any page/post.

    We are now working on a massive update that will include new features and put our best to release it ASAP.

    Best regards!

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