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Milano Theme - Restaurant & Hotel - interchangeable and ongoing support
  • I understand from prev post that the Hotel demo has not been available. Has this changed? With the purchased theme, can I toggle between either the restaurant layout or hotel for the same price? Should I be able to incorporate my own 3rd party booking system effortlessly on landing page and in place of "Reservation" page? What kind of upgrade & online support is available after purchase, for how long, and are there ongoing maintenance fees beyond the first year? How long are older versions supported before they are EOL? Is this theme now supporting WooCommerce? Are TripAdvisor plugins supported? Can TripAdvisor reviews appear inline, maybe on Post or Testimonials? Do you have a list of sites that are currently using Milano, to see how people have used it?
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  • Support

    - No, the theme comes with a Restaurant dummy data for the time being but we do plan to add Hotel and Extreme versions in an upcoming theme update.
    - Actually you can integrate a booking system into this theme but it's hard to say what will be the effort to achieve this.
    - All updates are free. Purchasing a theme requires a one time fee. The info about support can be checked here:
    - The theme isn't compatible with e-commerce plug-ins and it will require customization to integrate any of them.
    - Yes, we have checked this plug-in: Tripadvisor Shortcode and it seems it works without any issues.

    Best Regards!

  • Thanks ... as a follow up to the Milano Restaurant theme ...
    I noticed that the transition of photos on the demo home page were a bit jerky. Can you explain?
    Sometimes, on the same device (laptop) the Purchase menu option appears on a 2nd line by itself. Seems like it is a bug.
    Is it possible to pin the floating navigation menu to the top? (not have it float in the middle of the screen)
    Is it possible to make all boxes have a transparent background and upon hover, have a solid background? For example, the Green Salad ... can it start transparent and change to green with hover? (
  • Support
    - Can you elaborate on this request?
    - Can you clarify a browser and OS you are using?
    - The menu can be created using buttons e.g. like in "Extreme" version: but to make a fully functional top menu (with subs, etc..) will require customization.
    - Sure, you can apply a background color in an rgba() format to make some sections transparent or semi-transparent.

  • Above concerns were noticed on IE 11.0.9/ windows 8. the images on the landing page of both the restaurant and hotel demo, show a jerky transition between photos. I'm not sure how else to describe it. As one photo is about to expire, it jerks for a moment, before the new photo appears.
  • Support
    It takes a time while the image will be loaded on the first loop. Especially for such purposes, we have added a preloader feature.

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