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Home Page Adjustment
  • Hello there,

    I lover your churchope wordpress template, I wanted to buy it to design a quick website for our church but I have following enquiry before I make the purchase.

    I love home page with three columns after the rollover banner, please cab your give me idea if it is possible for me be able to adjust this theme to have three columns with text instead of images just after the home page banner instead of the present three images you have there - Life Group, New Here and Every Penny Help.

    2. I also wanted my contact page to have this type of format:

    a. Two Columns:

    i) Contact Form for collecting information to be on the lest

    ii) Last Column will be for address of the branches of the church with option to put space in between each branch with option to show heading/name of the branch as distinct (bold form)

    Thank you for your kind help and suggestion.

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  • Support

    You can try to make your site at our test server It's free!

    Also please check following links, before posting your questions:

    Online Documentation:


    Best Regards!
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