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Milano Theme - compatibility with WP 3.91
  • Hi, I really like this theme, but am a bit apprehensive about purchasing because of its supposed incompatibility with the latest version of WP. I have the CHURCHope theme and have successfully addressed the issues that it had with 3.91 by reading through the Help forum. Does Milano suffer from the same issues with shortcodes, or is it something different? Is this something that I can fix by inserting different code you provide, such as in the CHURCHope theme?

    Please let me know your recommendations on when I should purchase the Milano Theme.

    Best Regards,


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    Hello Aaron,

    Yes, the shortcodes issue persists and we will release the new update soon.
    Solution is already provided like in a Churchope category.

    Best Regards!
  • Any updates on this upgrade?
  • Support
    We hope to release it soon.
  • 2 months ago....what is your definition of "soon"?
  • Support
    We have released the latest theme update on July 7. You can check this info in a change log provided here at the very bottom:
  • We were going to purchase your Theme now for new Word Press install. New install of WP automatically installing 4.0 new version,...when most Themes are not ready for it yet.

    We don’t know what to do and how to manage in this situation.
    We can wait a few days ...please let us know our options.

    Best Regards,
    Hunting Top 10 team
  • Support
    There are not any changes in WordPress core files that may break a theme functionality. We haven't noticed any issues with the latest WordPress version.
  • Can anyone help me how to buy the milano photography template ? cause themeforest link show that the theme that No Longer Available.

    i wanna buy it, is it will available again?
  • Support

    We are now communicating with TF team regarding this issue. Hope it will be resolved ASAP.
  • Support
    The theme is now available on Themeforest!

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