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Info on 'Sermons' feature
  • Where can I see all of the options for organizing sermons in the 'churchhope' theme?
    I am not sure if the 'churchhope' theme supports the 'Church Theme Content' plugin which has sermon organization like this:
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    Hello Paul,

    In the latest theme updates we have added Sermons and extended Events systems. Unfortunately we haven't updated our live preview to show these features yet, but we can provide screenshots on your request for the time being.


    Sermon Post

    Sermon Speakers:

    sermon Speaker

    Sermons & Speakers widgets:

    sermon Widgets

    If you have any other questions please, post them here.

    Best Regards

  • For whatever reason, I can't get the sermon manager to work. Everything is updated, but every time I try to add a new sermon and publish it, it disappears.
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    Hello Jon,

    Please, register and post more details in a theme category. This section is for presale questions only.
  • I like the Sermon functionality, and I'm impressed with the ChurchHope theme, but I'm considering using the theme for a non-religious entity. Can the Sermon terminology be removed or edited to say something else on the backend UI?
  • Support

    Sure it can be edited. The fact that this feature is called "Sermons" doesn't mean it can be used to create sermons only :)
  • Right, but it is important to me that I can remove references to religious elements in the Admin UI. It will be confusing if we're using that feature to create something else, but have to click on "Sermons" in the back end.
  • Bump to get a quick comment back from Stan. Wanted to confirm that I can remove religious references in the WordPress Admin UI.
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    As I wrote above, these words can changed to whatever you like.

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