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Churchope Presale Questions: - No Slider / Fixed Width / Child Theme?
  • Hi,

    I'm considering purchasing Churchope and have a couple of pre-sale questions:

    1. Can the front page be EASILY set up without a slider? By easily, I mean is there an admin setting that can deactivate the slider. If there is not an admin setting was is required to remove the slider?

    2. Is there an admin setting for a fixed width version?

    3. Does your theme include a Child Theme or is one made available after purchase?

    Thank you

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  • Support

    1. Yes, such options persist.
    2. The theme is designed for 960px width and it's not possible to change this value from admin panel.
    3. Child theme is not included in a package. It can be easily created the same way as for any other WordPress theme.

    Best Regards
  • Hi Stan,

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I'm a little confused by your answer to question 2. Could you please clarify:

    2. you said that the theme is designed for 960px boxed width BUT it is NOT possible to change this value in the admin panel?

  • Stan,

    Also with regard to the child theme - are the functions for Churchope pluggable? In other words are they declared conditionally?

    For example:

    if ( ! function_exists( 'theme_special_nav' ) ) {
    function theme_special_nav() {
    // Do something.

  • Support
    2. I meant content width is fixed and it' 960 px:


    What do you mean under "fixed width version"? Boxed layout?

    3. Yes, functions in ChurcHope are pluggable.
  • Hi Stan,

    Thanks for the replies. Glad to know the functions are pluggable.

    2, Okay, I see now that the Churchope is fixed width. Sorry, I used the wrong term in my first post. I meant to say "boxed" layout, where the main content floats above a separate background as shown in the image below. But no worries, it doesn't sound like the a boxed layout is a predefined option yet. I wouldn't be a bad option to offer, especially since its probably not to difficult to implement. In the meantime, is something that I'd be able to get some help with on the forum (after i purchase of course)?

  • I purchased it and was really please to find out that it does have a boxed layout feature available. I just waned to post this in case someone else had a similar pre-sale question. Its a great feature, just activate from the admin panel and you can even set up the background image or color. Really nice!
  • Support
    1. Yes, the theme has options to apply boxed layout and set custom backgrounds.

    box Layout

    2. We are glad to help you with some theme related questions. Besides we have online documentation, FAQ and lots of discussed topics in a theme category on this forum.

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