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Calendar cut off on mobile devices
  • HI I'm looking to purchase this theme for a client but looking at the calendar on a mobile (iphone) the calendar seems to cut off so you cant see the info...ie you cant see the events in the calendar...i have tried looking as the text event on the 27th April but it does not appear in the day section of the calendar? The calendar on desktop is a piece of functionality that drew me to your theme...but if it doesn't work on mobile devices i'll have to look elsewhere. Also when using the mobile dropdown the page performs a slight zoom...is this a function that can be disabled? sorry for all the questions but i need to get these answered if i'm going to purchase...can you help?

    Many thanks
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    Hello Richard,

    We need some clarifications:

    1. There are not events for 27th April, so this section is empty in a calendar. May be you meant 26th or 28th? If so, 26th has several events on the same date and you can see a list of events while hover this date on PC but you need to click "+" button to see a list of events on mobile devices.

    2. What do you mean under the "slight zoom"? The effect when the dropdown menu expands?

    Best Regards

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