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Milano Theme version
  • Will the theme work with WP 4.4?
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  • Support
    Hello Hugh,

    We didn't notice any problems with the latest WordPress and Milano theme.

    Best Regards
  • Hi,
    I have Milano theme and i just update a new wordpress version and now i have problem with slideshow category.
    When i make some changes pages the slideshow turn for the gallery one. In slideshow category option their is no Select Slideshow Category anymore.

    I am from Quebec so i hope you understand my bad english !

    What can i do? Hope you can help me.
  • Support

    This is a presale questions section. Please, register at our help forum and check this thread:

    This issue is not related to WordPress version

  • I can't reach the person who make my web site and i don't have acount and i can't see the discussion.

    Their is a under way to check it?

    Thanks to helping me !
  • Support
    The problem is that you are using an old theme version. To update it you should contact a person that has purchased the theme or create an account on Themeforest and purchase it on your own.
  • Hi,

    I very like Milano theme and I want to use for my 2 different sites. Can I buy twice for both sites? Thanx.
  • Support
    Hello Asker ,

    Yes, regular license allows you to use 1 theme per domain.
  • Thank you Stan, I would probably buy twice for both of my websites.

    In hotel example of Milano there is no booking form, but I saw that it is possible, am I right? I think I saw form on other examples.

    Additionally... I want to make possible online payment through website. As I could see Milano doesn't offers such solution. I guess I can do that with other template/service and just to link from Milano theme. For example I can put on the menu 'pay online' and when somebody click on that, he/she will be redirected to other template/service, I guess that is possible?

    Sorry if I am asking to much!

    All the best!
  • Support
    You are right, the theme doesn't include booking system. It can be added using some third party plug-ins or a third party service. Of course you can add a link anywhere at your website that will lead to this service.
  • My last question before buying Milano template is about background video. Can I upload videos on my hosting server and to play from there? Or it must be youtube or vimeo? Or both, from hosting server and from youtube, vimeo?!

  • Support
    Background videos should be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo. Unfortunately there is not the ability to play selfhosted videos.

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