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Need to know if it can do something before I purchase
  • I have a client that has specific needs and need to know if Slider Revolution can handle it.

    The want a slider
    1) There are tabs
    2) Each "Tab" shows a different set of sliders

    So basically, they want to have sliders in categories. When the page first loads it shows the sliders in the first category. If the visitor clicks on one of the "tabs" then the set of sliders being shown switches to that category.

    Is this something that can be don?
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  • Support
    Hello Quantity,

    In our theme you can apply slider for any page, post or category. As for the slider Revolution capabilities, it's better to assign this question for this plugin developers:

    Best Regards
  • What would be really nice is if I could find a place to get a question answered without buy something first. When I click on item support there I eventually end up right back here after I click enough links to finally find a place that I can post a question. If you're putting this in your themes, shouldn't you know what it is capable of?
  • Support
    Tabs shortcodes persist in our theme: Slider Revolution can be added into content section using shortcodes, so you can add it in every tab. I can assume you meant this.
    If you want the same behavior in a header section, then it will require customization to achieve this.
  • Hello, i am planning to buy your churchope theme but i would like to remove the event countdown from the header, is it possible?
  • Support
    Hello Trker,

    Yes, sure. It's a widget and in can be easily removed or substituted with any other content just in a few clicks.
  • We have the current ChurchHope 2.1 but within the last few months it suddenly stopped allowing us to submit sermons to the media gallery over 8 MB. We used too with no trouble, and our host made all the necessary changes to try and update it, including updating the Theme Functions file, updating the php.ini file, the wpconfig...etc. If we upgrade to the latest theme will this have any affect on the issue we're having? Might it solve our problem?
  • Support
    It may be a compatibility issue with WordPress versions, so we suggest to update the theme to the latest version and check if it helps. Do not forget to make a backup of your database and WordPress files before upgrading or test this on your local or dev server first.

    Also you can check what has been changed since the theme v2.1 here:

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