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Cannot set shortcode
  • I think it´s more simple than i think but 1st my English is bad and 2nd I´m not good in doing computer-things.
    3 years ago i started working with theme Churchope for a site for a protestant church in Germany.
    First time as author for collection events around our circle.Now our admin left without letting us any data,logins,contracts :-/
    2 weeks ago I recognized that the calendar doesn´t work.It took a loong time to find the site and then it was empty.
    Reading the online documentation wasn´t helpful for me because of points 1 and 2,but I´m sure it is very good.
    But I found out, that I have to set a shortcode (there was also a shortcode at the site! I deleted and pasted in again for a hundred times!!!!)
    when clicking at the shortcode-icon at the editor,the next window opens but when I choose insert nothing happens.
    PLEASE help me
    Kind regards from Germany.
    Caro ♦
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  • [event category="38" from="" to="" layout="full"]
    is the shortcode that WAS on the site
  • I also cannot set galleries,testimonials,tableofcontens,sharebutton,teaser,...
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    Hello Caro,

    1st of all you need to check out what is the theme version is currently installed on your website. The most recent version for now is 3.0.4. Then deactivate any of your third party plugins to make sure there are not any conflicts.

    Also to get an access to our support forum you will need a purchase code that you can request from a person who has bought the theme. In case it's not possible, you will need to purchase your own license for the theme. This will grant you the ability to get free updates and a 6 month support period.

    Best Regards
  • Thank you so much for your answer! It confirms my assumption. I´ll wait a few days for login-data,otherwise I have to buy my own license.
    Best regards!
  • Is it possible to buy a theme without login-data?
  • Support
    Please, elaborate on your request.
  • Good Morning,
    I mean just purchase.
    Our old admin maintains, that he purchased that theme without login and support!He did not get any login-data to update the theme or plugins.
  • Support
    Once you purchase the theme you have a 6 moths support period by default. To extend this period to 12 months or not you decide on your own (it's not mandatory). As for the login details you need to have Themeforest account in order to have the ability to download new theme updates for free.
  • Thank you again!!! I
  • So now I bought that theme hoping the problems with the events calendar will be solved, but setting an event calendar shortcode doesn´t work.
    I tried many options, created new event-categories,deleted them several times,wrote new events and did delete them,too...I tried it with and without datatime, I changed every setting an resetted...
    The page stays empty after a long time of loading. Normal text and pics are shown at the site and also other shortcodes but not the events calendar.
    Pleas,can you help me?

  • Support
    This is a presale questions category only. Please, post the issue details in the theme category:

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