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  • hello, I am taking over maintenance of a website for the owner (from the initial webmaster) and am having trouble understanding the relationships between the theme (Milano), themoholics, envato, etc. I would like to gain access to the support forums but not sure where I am supposed to go to sign into the "downloads area" or whether the credentials for the account (envato? themoholics?) would align with the ones we have for the rest of the site (Wordpress admin, hosting, etc.). Specifically, what do I need to obtain from the owner - and what if he doesn't know where to find the licence info now that the old webmaster is gone?

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    Hello Sara,

    You need to have a purchase code in order to login to our help forum. The code you can request from your client. This tutorial will be helpful to find an item purchase code: In case your client doesn't have it, you or your client will need to buy the theme once again to get the code.

    Best Regards

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