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Background animation with Androïd smartphone + stop button for video background
  • Your Milano template sounds amazing !
    1) When I use my Samsung Note 3 to play your demos template, I can't see animated background (slideshow or video). I tried with "computer version" in Chrome setup, but it is same problem. Is it possible to force it for smartphone and tablets surf ? Or it is impossible for technical reasons ?

    2) when I tested demo front office, it seems to me impossible to cut off the video sound. When I click on the HP symbol (bottom right of this page for example ) the sound continue ... is it normal ? If it's a bug, did you fix it ?

    Thanks !
  • 3 Responses
  • Support
    Hello Tristan,

    1. Video background was not managed to work on mobile devices and tablets. As for the slideshow, try to disable add-ons (if you have any installed/activated) in your browser.

    2. There is not an ability to disable background video sound. We will think about adding this option in future theme updates.

    Best Regards!
  • Thanks !
    1) I think all people doesn't see video or slideshow background. Did you test it yourself on your tablet/smartphone ?
    2) Thanks for that. I think it's very important for user experience.
  • Support
    1. As I posted above background video was not managed to be displayed on mobile devices. As for the slideshow, we have checked on iPnone 4s, LG Nexus 5 and HTC One and haven't noticed any problems.

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