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  • Hi, does the Admin Panel need to have the "Church Hope" name seen, can it be changed to the new site's name being build?
    And last, just case we need custom work, can you help? Thank you, awesome theme.
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    You can simply turn off admin panel styling.
  • Support
    Hi James,

    If you mean logo at , it can be disabled at all. But login screen using current website logo and color, so it will be your custom settings. At Dashboard Theme Options have not theme name.

    We provide only paid customization of our products.

    Kind regards.

  • Thank you so much for the quick response guys, I do have one more question, can the navigation for any of the pages, stay selected for that particular page with some kind of styling to let the user know visually where they are at? I know you have breadcrumbs here, but it would be nice to have the page have the navigation button show that it is selected.

    Thank you and yes I am purchasing this theme, I think is great! James
  • Yes, I will like to pay if I need to for the customization, I turned off the admin styling, so now the WordPress logo graphic shows up, I just need the name of the website either as text or graphic to show up in that area. What is the next step?
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