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Booking system
  • Can you recommend a booking plug-in that would work with events - so on an event page you would see a book now button and you just fill in your contact details which gets sent to a single email address (no payment required) if not would it be possible to add that function?

    Also, I see you have an email sign-up does this have a fast track enquiry option - a bit like a mini enquiry form?
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  • Ho do you change the button title 'Download latest sermon' and also the text to the left of the button on home page? Can't find it anywhere in the admin pages

    Tried to change the map location on the demo but it did not change after putting in a new address?

    Can the word Churchope be changed sitewide? including widget titles? i.e Churchope > Contact Form etc
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    Hello, Digidesigner!

    1. Unfortunately we cannot recommend a booking plug-ins as we haven't tested any of them but our theme (and any other custom theme) isn't compatible with all third-party plug-ins by default. You often (not always) need to customize the plug-in to make it work properly with the theme. It's impossible for the theme author to make it compatible with all existing plug-ins. Only default wordpress themes are compatible with all third-party plug-ins, because all of them are designed to work with default Wordpress themes.

    2. It's a presale question category. You should login to a forum and post your topic in a product's category:

    Best Regards!
  • Hi Stan, as it's a presale question and am asking in the Presale Questions area I figured it was the right place to post? I cant login to the link you provided as I do not yet have a purchase code?

    Are you saying you have no way of adding a book now option if I use this template as a training course promotion site? I see there is a buy now tool but cannot see how to change it to read Book now and how it would work?

    Been tinkering with the demo all afternoon and eve and to be honest am finding it hard to make this template work for my client, any help on the aforementioned would be good?
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    There is no booking functionality in the theme by default. Anyway you can check if the theme will fit your needs using our testdrive service: ttp://
  • Hi Stan, I have been make some progress with the test drive set up. Wondering how the price plan panels work as they can be edited to show courses and the button to read Book Now but there is nothing connected to the button - does that mean I need to find a solution form for filling in the details to be submitted or is there a form provided somewhere that can be set up for this purpose?
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    Pricing tables help you to visualize your offers. You can apply your offer details like: title, price, description and also link the button to a resource with more details:
  • Hi Stan, I've managed do do everything I need using custom forms and editing the tables - Client and myself are really please so far :-)

    One thing I would like to do in this them is to right align the logo image in the header - is there a way to do with editing the css or header code.

    Lastly I asked this from the outset .. Can the word Churchope be changed sitewide? including widget titles? i.e Churchope > Contact form etc
  • Sorry, another question ...

    I can't find how to make events appear in sub navigation is there a way to do this? At the moment the only way I can view an event is by clicking one of the listed events that show under latest events? I have to create a page and assign to a menu as sub menu to show which means the event has to be entered both in the events section and also the pages section which seems a long way and extra work for admin - am I missing something?
    Should be purchasing this template soon, once client is totally happy.
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    1. The logo can be placed on the right easily but as this section is for presale questions only, we are not able to provide a solution here.
    2. Not sure if I understand you correctly. Can you provide an example on how it should look like?
    3. You can ad the events, categories, etc.. as a parent or child items under the Appearance -> Menus
  • Thanks Stan, WIll come back once we have purchased this theme - I'm sure we can resolve everything

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