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Converting existing site
  • Hi! I have a client that I have convinced to move to a Wordpress format. In addition to a lot of .PDF files, he has over 200, 30-minute audio messages in .mp3 format. Presently, the audio messages are shown in a scrollable list LINK:

    Can we do something similar with one of your themes, such as ChurcHope or do you offer another theme that is better suited for it. I believe the rest of the site is pretty straightforward. LINK:

    Your thoughts are welcome. Thanks!
    -Bill Golden
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  • Support
    Hello Bill,

    As we can see this "scrollable list" is embed in a frame. It can be easily added to a page or a post with the same look.

    Best Regards!
  • Do any of your themes do the same scrollable thing (or do you know of a plugin)? The client wants to move away from what he has now because it is having some issues. Thanks!
    -Bill Golden
  • Support
    No, there are not any similar forms in our theme.

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