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Milano Presale Questions
  • Hi there,

    I am interested in buying your Milano theme but before I buy I still have a few little questions though:

    First of all: is this theme compatible to Wordpress 3.9?

    2. Is it possible to set this page (portfolio): as the homepage?
    2.1 Is it possible to define a seperate color for every thumbnails textbox (color of text and backround) standard and hover?
    2.2 Can I define the color of eachs post/portfolio detail content area (standrad and hover). Seems like it but just want to make sure...

    3. Is the left menu completely hideable? If not, is there an option to set it a different/light color?

    I think thats it so far. Thank you for answering my questions.
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  • Support
    Hello Tom,

    1. Not yet. We are working on the updated and it will be released soon.
    2. You can set any page as your home page. It's WordPress default functionality.
    2.1 It's possible with custom CSS.
    2.2 Yes, you can apply colors to any page/post separately.
    3. There are 2 states of a side menu: 1 - always visible, 2 - visible on hover.

    Best Regards!


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